From Thinking of Ideas To Putting In The Werk

Getting Down To Business

The ‘Do the Werk’ Launch is designed for people who haven’t taken the necessary steps in order to get their brand off the ground. Here at TheHobbyGirl we try to be an extended member of your team and sometimes the first member of the team you’re trying to create. We focus on creators and entrepreneurs that are just starting or want to start fresh so don’t worry about clarity, we’ll get to that during our brainstorm chat.

prepare to invest

- Data space for the 'Slack' app

- Coins for your vision

- 3 hours of conference time

- Time filling out 'Do The Werk' forms

- Patience & trust because we're here to help you but it takes time for things to manifest!

prepare to leave with

+ Confidence in your dreams

+ Support post project

+ The tools you need to progress on your own

+ Directions & connections outside of 'TheHobbyGirl'

+ Full website & content plan

Brainstorm Session

It’s really important that we set time aside to get a few things in order. We’ll cover your vision, mission, ideas, and more.

deep dive homework

It’s never wise to go into a project or field without knowing exactly what you’re in for. Whether it’s website maintenance, subscription building, customer service, you name it. We’ll make sure you’re ready for this part.

customized 'do the werk' plan

How are we going to make sure your ideas are met with execution? We plan of course!

get plugged!

TheHobbyGirl can take you but so far. Let’s make sure you know there are other people out there that can help you get to where you’re going.

post project maintenance support

The last thing that we want is for you to feel lost without us helping you build. We offer free full PDF, email, and/or scheduled chat support for up to 1-month post project. We never want you to feel alone during this journey of turning your idea into something more.

are you ready?

It's hard to commit to something so serious but we're here to cut out the confusion and give you a true development experience. Please feel free to email us at we would be more than happy to assist with any questions that went unanswered and provide you with some clarity. Of course we want you to work with us but we also want you to be confident in your venture to leveling up and turning on that tunnel vision!


The Hobby Girl is a place of creation. A design studio, writing workshop, and so much more. It's the home for the creative who is passionate about various mediums and a student who is dedicated to learn more than the basics.