The Palette Digest is a literary magazine that celebrates color and multifaceted individuals through written and visual storytelling. Reiterating the need for diversity and inclusion whether a stay-at-home home parent, activist, therapist, or other. We strive to feed the reader's craving, build discussion, and emphasize our niche for singularity

True Identity



The Palette Digest would like to invite all photographers to apply for a slot in Issue One. We are now accepting submissions for:

Front Cover

(Article) Editorial Spreads

(Solo) Editorial Spreads

We are looking for photos and/or shoots with vibrant colors and clear depictions of individual identity (I.E: sexuality, personhood, mental health, orientation), purpose, and resourcefulness. We are accepting: group/solo shots, indoor/outdoor shots, and self portraits. Creativity thrives here and even if you're unsure of your qualification The Palette Digest urges you to send in samples and/or submissions ... you never know until you try.

Update: Due to the Upload File function that is embedded into the Google Doc Submission Form, you are required to log into your Gmail account. For those who do not have a Gmail account, you can simply click the Submission Doc button below and download the PDF file. After filling out the PDF form, please send it to with Issue One Photo Submission as the subject. If you are not able to embed your photos in the PDF, you are more than welcome to attach it in the email along with the PDF. Thank you for your patience and interest in being a part of The Palette Digest! For any further questions please direct them to the site chat option OR email us directly at Thank you!

The Palette Digest is also creating room for writers (beginning or experienced) to submit articles to Issue One. We are accepting the following:

Personal Essays


Researched Based Articles (Ex: Current Events)

Unfortunately we are not accepting "How To" and "Best of"/list articles at the moment but the time will come and you will be notified. There is no word count/page requirement so please write from the heart. We are accepting articles that were already published on your personal blog but please make sure they are up to date. If you have any further questions please email -

Disclaimer: Due to the Upload File feature embedded in the Google Doc Submission Form, you are required to log into your Gmail/GSuite account in order to submit an entry. If you do not have a Gmail or GSuite account please contact us at and we will send you the submission prompts via document and/or PDF. Thank you for your patience!


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